We are enthusiastic to propose to you this challenge as winter project. Any modeler knows how to spend time in the workshop once the sunny days are gone. While the days are cloudy or rainy out there is charming spending a while, well... plenty of time in the workshop, busy and lively as always when a new project is taken. Is a kind of fresh air that heats our creative, childish and daring souls which are carried by late hours through the night. Kids love it as much we do, wives... sadly not so much! But not everything is lost and your life will not be miserly like she says.



To please you and to change some wives opinion, we are delighted to announce this worldwide competition is officially opened at October 1st and goes until ending December 2017. The winner will get as a prize a petrol engine Roto 35Vi to power the RC model and will be annouced in our official Facebook page. The airplane model must following this criteria:

  • Model: Pietenpol "Air Camper"
  • Scale: 1/3 (33%)
  • Wingspan: 295 cm (116 in)
  • Length: 180 cm (71 in)

The original plans are in "Zip" file and available to download in following web-link: 1928 Pietenpol Air Camper (size: 18.2 Mb). The most accurate scale model will be the winner!




We advise you to make some homework to be familiarized with Pietenpol model. You can start with a google search to get detailed photos; cockpit, instruments, spoked wheels, etc., a scale pilot will be stunning but is not mandatory! During the project take several photos as well the final photo shoots soon the job is done.

During this competition and until 21st January 2016 you can send all photos as you wish with your name and complete address to:

The photos must be in "jpeg" format 72 dpi and do not exceed 1920 pixels wide. Any and every pictures below of 1024 pixels will not be considered to this competition. Also you must be a follower in our Facebook page, otherwise you will not get this prize!

The photos of the winner will be posted on our Facebook page until 1st February 2016 revealing the skillful and lucky modeler that will get as a prize the ROTO 35Vi until 21st March (free of charge*), by sure you must agree, this is the best way to welcome the new Spring season. The gas engine will be mailed to the address provided in the email when you sent your model photos. Make sure your name and address is complete.


Remember: No guts no glory. Good luck to you all.


*) Any customs duties or taxes (International residents) or shipping costs (International & Europe) are not included. The winner will be contacted to pay that for can get the prize. We consider it's a small investment that's worth!