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ROTO 35FS | to Buy press on price tag! *

This is the smallest Roto gem at four-stroke, truly and deeply is stunning... has lovely simple lines to not mention the clean exterior! Is very powerful and will easily surprise you. An desirable and powerfull compact-sized gasoline engine, specifically design for aeromodels really well constructed up to 350 cm (11,5') and 12 kg (26.5 lb). We recommend the Roto 35 FS for any 1.20 plus sized warbird or in 25-27% aerobatic aircraft. Doing all of this while providing extreme fuel economy with very quiet operation makes it a "no brainer" solution to its thirsty and noisy two-stroke cousins.


This is a very exciting introduction to your engine lineup!

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Warranty & Registration's Action

When you buy a ROTO Motor gasoline engine each goes with a Warranty registration card and it will be delivered duly completed and stamped by us. A duplicated copy thereof will be posted by us into the factory Roto Motor Ltd. based in Hronov, Czech Republic, thus giving 40 months warranty to your product and to your total satisfaction.


Manufacturing technology ROTO 35FS

Roto Motors are manufactured by one of the leading model engine company from the Czech Republic. No expense has been spared with any of the materials and components used to produce this range of quality high performance petrol engines. Roto Motors use a Rotary Valve Induction system to aid easy starting and smooth consistent linier performance with a slow idle speed. One of the only petrol engine manufactures to use conventional model type engine mounting system on the 25 and 35 size engines. This allows easy installation into most aircraft. Fully shielded electronic ignition system insures no interference with your transmitter signal.

The Engine was developed in Europe with the assistance of CAD systems (Solidworks) and optimized for the liquid flow in the Flow software (made by Solidworks™). All ROTO engines and its components are made and programed by utilizing the state of art 5 axis machinery made by American companies HASS and Siemens NX. Every engine, made by ROTO MOTOR Company is bench tested and adjusted by qualified technician on the Engine Start equipment to ensure its peak performance.