We are pleased to say that "libellule" is more than a tailored job. An own creation, with quirky and simple lines; - A monoplane with wooden "V" shaped structure. This project was prompted by a friendly customer who bought from us, in past Christmas season, one Saito four-stroke engine, model: FA- 100Ti. | The Ad published in our official Facebook can be seen here!


After a brief exchange of emails, we realized he wanted something peculiar and different, a true vintage style, elegant in lines and rich in details. Then immediately we set up a meeting, face-to-face to discuss some important points (size, style or type, etc) and so we returned to our studio where we started to design the 2D plan based on what was left from such pleasant meeting; several sketches and data converged into this end result, a small good-looking monoplane. At the ending we all felt happy and share the same thought, it looks something taken from the Blériot's or Dumont's drawing boards. This is our hommage to every Aviation Pioneers. (Soon: sketches, photos and videos will be published.)



  • Bespoke Sport Monoplane = € 1490.00 (The final price has based in labour hours: sketches, 2D plan, assembly plan, materials selection and cut, and finally workshop manufacture)
  • Saito FA100Ti = € 580.00