THE FLEET | what is in our drawing board (from Jan. 2015 to Dec. 2017)

Our collection undertakes a remarkable selection of historical high performance racing airplanes, covering some of stunning models in past-century. The twenty year period between World Wars was an Era of elegant airplanes and tremendous advances in Aviation. The Montcraft's fleet is in part our current projects that are be worked in our drawing board, also you can consideer as a kind of a product portfolio, tailor-made and available by request only. Remember that, Montcraft is a small workshop and not a factory. So if you are a kind of person who demands exclusivity, stick around.













To provide a better service with our customers, we have some terms and internal rules that will provide a kind of code of conduct and thereby honor both parties involved. This is our business, our work and our life depends on it. Your respect is expected and will be very appreciated indeed. Please take few time to familiarize yourself how we work when we take an bespoke service and/or when one of our products is sold by us. Open and print Terms & Conditions, thank you very much.




Label Meanings:

  • In Drawing Board - The plan that is in our design department to be worked presently (reverse engineering - 2D plans).
  • Coming Next - The plan was finished and the assembling work will be started in workshop soon. Some or every single parts are in cutting process.
  • In Workbench - The present airplane that is currently in final process to be launched.


  • LE - Limited edition of 30 units worldwide and available upon request only, as a KIT or ARTF. Once all units are sold with authenticity certificate and with a serial numbered plate, in no circumstances we will continue produce that RC scale airplane, at the end all requests will be denied with no room for any exception. Therefore we wish with this final decision propose total exclusiveness of our handwork to not mention that you will have a valued and more desirable scale airplane.
  • RTF - Ready to Fly, radio controlled airplanes that are supplied fully built. RTF is available upon request when you place an order. Then you will be contacted to hit the final price, a additional labor cost will be charged at 15,00 € per hour.
  • ARTF - An almost ready to fly (ARF or ARTF) is a radio-controlled airplane that comes partially built, usually just requiring final assembly to complete. They normally include partially assembled wings, along with a fuselage and stabilizers already pre-covered. The remaining assembly steps usually include the installation of control linkages and surfaces, and the purchase and installation of an petrol motor and radio gear. Depending on the complexity of the model, this can take only an hour or two.
  • KIT - Is composed by every single parts ready to be assembled according with step-by-step instructions and assembling plan. Pay attention that servos, petrol motor, batteries and receiver are purchased apart, is not included in Kit version. Depending on the complexity of the model, this can take only a couple weeks or a month to complete depending the time you will invest in that project.