We are passionate about design and aeromodelling. Our team are both experienced and supportive to all that pass through our door and you will be assured of a personal and tailored service. We do our best to provide the very top exclusive services, and more than that you can expect and feel our passion with unconditional dedication. What we do is not a toy at all, do not be fooled by the size, more than ever, you are closer to revive a exciting bygone era of speed and racing. Providing an tailored service is make something as individual as you are, you will not find this elsewhere.



Any RC product is highly marketable and an desirable object for any adult. Our product concept, definitely fits for sale and demand by picky buyers. The Montcraft workshop idea is simple and emerged to embrace and fill an market empty spot; - the possibility to offer a tailored and handmade modeling service with the best raw-materials applied with ancestral techniques and knowledge. What means you will not find our product in a conventional hobby shop, to not mention that the final client will get an priceless item, once the service is made under commission means the final product is unique and genuine as you are.

If you have an idea or you fancy an peculiar airplane, we would love to hear your feedback! Send to us your thoughts, desires, inquiries, etc., and you will be responded to promptly. To give you a more realistic idea why not take a look to the project: "Libellule - Royal "(Royal Dragonfly), an original Montcraft own creation.



It makes all sense to us provide an ready-to-fly (RTF) final product. Doesn't matter if is an bespoke item or a limited edition (our proposals). Once you receive one of our products you can go into your local airfield and enjoy in fully your model. All you will need is fuel and a complete Radio system (with receiver), everything else needed, will be provided with your aeromodel.

If you are the kind of person who loves put the hands on workbench you can choose a Kit version from us. Even if is a tailored RC airplane. We sure that, in future winter seasons they will be very exciting, different and quite busy.



To provide a better service with our customers, we have some terms and internal rules that is a kind of code of conduct and thereby honor both parties involved. This is our business, our work and our life depends on it. Your respect is expected and will be very appreciated indeed. Please take few time to familiarize yourself how we work when we take an bespoke service and/or when one of our products is sold by us. Open and print Terms & Conditions, thank you very much.