Creating beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind scale aeromodels is more than just a job to us. It's a way of life. It's our art. And we never compromise our art. We believe in freedom, individualism and innovation; and we live this philosophy through our mechanical beasts in open skies. Our collection undertakes a remarkable selection of historical high performance racing airplanes, covering some of stunning models of the Past-Century. You can read more on our Press Release.



We don't play by the them, which means, we're not confined by them. We're artisans, not aeronautical engineers. It's the only way we work – without constraint, so we can continue to break new ground and fly into horizons uncharted. We look forward, never back, striving to make each item unique and genuine, drastically different from the last.



Proudly handmade in Portugal. This is where we've decided to hang our flying helmets and pilot goggles. This is a country of makers, craftsmen and artisans. It is here where we recruit our crew of talents, because we're not simply looking for mechanics. We want creative people fulfilled of unusual stamina. After all, that's what we're making. Kinetic art. Movable sculptures.



The Montcraft project was formed to promote historical research about racing airplanes, speed and flight records presenting of this information in an entertaining and enlightening way; tailored services and handmade RC scale models is what we do. You can know more about our racing airplanes that we have in our records, please explore our revival view of the golden age of air racing and record breaking flights!

Our goals are:

  • Perpetuate the rich history of the previous race planes
  • Educating young adults and the general public to the significant advancements achieved through RC technology
  • To publicize this hobby as a delighted and exciting sport.
  • New approach the RC models with same concept applying ancestral craftsman techniques
  • Adopt and take the advantage of the new giant gasoline engines to power each of our RC models
  • Honoring the courageous, pioneering engineers, designers and pilots of past-century.




The Montcraft workshop also is an official dealer of ROTO Motor, Ltd. an Czech branded company who manufactures highly efficient gasoline engines at two and four-stroke. We have selected the Roto engines to power some of our scale RC airplanes and hopefully, we will introduce customers to the Rotomotor experience. Once we are not any local street hobby shop we can practice an low RP (retail price) on the aeromodelling global market. Also, you can expect full assistance with spare Roto's genuine parts.

We are pleased to announce that it was prepared Roto Motor - À La Carte to be officially our e-shop and is available online to serve you with the very best gasoline engines as a multi-course meal! We are sure how much you will be pleased and amazed. Take a look & enjoy!