IS ALL ABOUT SPEED | a must for any collector


From time to time our team work is accomplished by manufacturing stunning static scale models. In this section you will find, great pieces for your home or office. Every single piece is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from the very best raw-materials and crafted with bygone era technics with extreme attention to detail providing an final high-quality product.

In ahead, you will find high-finish collector pieces carefully handmade by experienced and capable craftsman often using an unusual consumed time. But it will be worth wait, we must agree that haste is the enemy of perfection.


You do not find what you're looking for?

If you have an idea or you fancy an peculiar item to manufacture an scale model, we would love to hear your feedback! Contact us sharing your thoughts, desires, inquiries, etc., and you will be responded to promptly. We are accepting bespoke orders. Thank you!